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Market & Prices - Derivatives

Risk Warning The value of smaller company shares can be more volatile than those of larger companies. It may be harder to sell larger volumes and prices may be subject to wider bid/offer spreads.

Derivatives (or 'warrants') are only appropriate for experienced investors who are familiar with the characteristics and risks of the instrument. In the interests of our customers we will ask you to complete an appropriateness test before we give you access to trade these investments through your account(s).

What are Derivatives?

Warrants are deemed to be complex instruments and are best suited to more experienced investors. This is due to the leveraged nature of these products, which means that profits or losses are magnified. As such, special risks apply. These risks are documented in a formal risk warning notice. For your protection, and to satisfy the regulations, it is important that you read and understand the contents of this warning and that you complete our appropriateness assessment before we can permit you to deal in complex instruments.

When logged-in to your account you will automatically be asked to complete the appropriateness assessment before trading Complex Instruments for the first time. Alternatively, you can complete a printed copy of the form using the link below, and then return it to us.

Download the Appropriateness Assessment >

When trading these instruments, you should also consider the credit rating of the issuer as any default by that issuer may result in the loss of part or all of your investment.